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1952 Hudson Wasp
In for Full restoration 

1948 Nash

In for Full restoration 

1966 VW Bus

In for Full interior


1966 Ford Bronco
In for  restoration broncos are very popular

1959 TR3

In for Full restoration   

1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

In for Full restoration and customizing

1975 Ford Bronco

In for Full restoration and customizing.  



1948 Nash Bus

This unique vehicle came in for a full restoration. This is one of only two known to exist. This bus has received much attention due to its uniqueness. Who can not relate to fun and some not so fun times on a bus.


Ford Model A Pickup

Full restoration.  Owner owned since high school.  Used it to start his business and yes we will save it!


1969 Monteverdi

Barn fresh! Doing interior and exterior restoration.  When did you last see one of these!


1936 Buick Sedan

Came in for full restoration.


1965 Maserati Mistral

Full restoration.  Just came in from another restoration shop


1969 Camaro

Full restoration to owners specification's slightly modified !


1957 Chevy

This is a full restoration of a pretty rough car. The car was found in a farm field in Maine!  We are restoring to a mild custom  hot rod per new owners specification's. Armondo is now working on an amazing custom interior. Stay tuned!


1948 Chrysler Town and country

Full restoration.  Original owner what a car. Like driving fine furniture.  


1967 Austin Healey

Full restoration.  Original owner. Came from another shop that had no idea what they were doing. But we will save her.






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