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1968 Dodge R/T Charger

This car came in for partial  restoration. It is owned by a famous singer song writer. They bought it, then had us restore and customize for them. It was a pretty rough car. But looks great now 


1946 Ford Convertible  Coupe

This car came in for full restoration. It is owned by a long term client who was president of the Ford V/8 club. It just won National first prize at v/8 ford meet. Great car and great guy.


1966 Jaguar E type Coupe

This car came in for full restoration. It was started in another shop but client pulled it and brought to us to finish.  Client owned since high school. New interior, body, paint and  mechanical work. These cars have a look all their own.


1957 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible

This car came in for partial restoration. New interior and some mechanical work. These are just amazing cars.


1964 Lincoln Continental convertible

This car came in for partial restoration from a gentlemen in Arizona. It was the former governor of Arizona's car. 


1937 La salle coupe

This car came in for full interior restoration from a gentlemen in Ohio. We also had to do some mechanical work also.


1934 Ford Coupe

This car came in for full restoration of the interior.


1931 American LaFrance Fire truck

This was the first fire truck this fire house bought. They saved it through the years. It was a honor they chose us to restore their Lady. It has gone on to win numerous awards. It also has received a lot of attention from the media.


1931 Ford Model A Sedan

This car came in for full restoration from a gentlemen who owned since high school. He had people try to save it for him through the years. But no professionals.


1917 Stanley Steamer

This very rare car came in for new upholstery.


1917 Oldsmobile Wrecker

This very rare truck belongs to my Father. I even remember it kicking around when I was a kid. We decided to restore and keep out front for people to enjoy. 


1942 Nash

This very rare car came in for a full restoration . It was very rough as you can see but we did it. 


1937 Plymouth Hot Rod

This very nice Hot Rod came from another shop that closed up. We had to repaint and do the interior. Check out our design on the inside of  the trunk. 


1932 Hupmobile

This was a older restoration of a very rare Hupmobile.  Take a look at the rear of the car, looks like a boat tail. Only eight of these are known to exist.  Our job was to repaint and spruce up for a European client. 


1948 Ford Coupe Interior

This came in for a new interior. 


1936 Bentley

This came in for a partial restoration.  It is not a car you see everyday. 


1941 Oldsmobile Woody

This unique car came in for a full restoration.  The owner is from France and has a love for vintage Americana. It came in looking good to the eye, but the honeymoon was soon over as we dismantled the car.  It was shipped back to France in June 2014 to a very happy collector.


1907 Cadillac

Full restoration.  Yes we do the old ones too!


1932 Cadillac V/12 Sedan

In for Partial restoration.  We did engine, interior,  front end and brakes etc. Al Capone might have slept here.


1934 Packard

Came in for a full restoration.  Very rough but came out gorgeous.


1953 Allard J2X

Very rich racing history on this car. In for wiring and  to get running.


1967 Porsche

Partial restoration for original owner.



1967 Austin Healey

Full restoration.  Original owner. Came from another shop that had no idea what they were doing. But we will save her.


1963 Alfa Spider 1600

This beauty came in for a Full restoration.  The owners dad purchased it new and was driven on their honeymoon.


1948 Chrysler Town and country

Full restoration.  Original owner what a car. Like driving fine furniture.  

1936 Buick Sedan

Came in for full restoration.


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